Helen Ivory - Waiting for Bluebeard (4 stars)

Helen Ivory - Waiting for Bluebeard

The poet's latest collection dissolves the barriers between reality and fantasy

(Bloodaxe Books)

In what is undoubtedly her most bewitching poetry collection to date, Helen Ivory peels away the layers of reality and leaves her reader a tantalising world to explore. Each poem is beautifully woven together to create a dream-like narrative. Through the construction of a half-remembered, half-invented childhood, the book explores a woman’s relationship with the world around her as she changes and grows.

Ivory’s unique voice and stark language makes her world remarkably refreshing. Its beautiful simplicity is engaging, allowing the reader to be easily lured into this seemingly familiar world, while being seduced by the poet’s subtle use of magical realism.

By dissolving the barriers between reality and fantasy, and bringing objects such as houses and stars to life, the poetry’s subtle distortion of the world as we know it leaves the reader with a delicious, disquieting feeling. This collection of poetry is one that will resonate in the reader’s mind, and insist it be read again and again.

Helen Ivory

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