Karl Pilkington delivers baby on Moaning of Life

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  • 15 May 2013
Karl Pilkington

Karl Pilkington

Karl Pilkington helped deliver an Indonesian woman's baby in Bali on his latest Sky One TV show 'The Moaning of Life'

Karl Pilkington helped deliver an Indonesian woman's baby on his latest TV show 'The Moaning of Life'.

The 'An Idiot Abroad' star has been filming his latest Sky One travel documentary series - which sees him travel the world to learn more about different cultures and see how they face up to life's biggest issues - in Bali, where he encounters many "bizarre" happenings.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "This show is more about him confronting his mid-life crisis through a series of bizarre, coming-of-age encounters in different cultures."

But unlike Karl's three series on 'An Idiot Abroad' - on which the TV personality shot to fame with his comical experiences while travelling the world - Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant do not have any input on his latest project.

However, Karl will team up with Ricky again for a second series of the comic's comedy-drama show 'Derek', which revolves around the staff and residents of the fictional Broadhill retirement home.

Ricky - who plays the titular care worker in the series, while Karl plays the home's caretaker and bus driver - said: "'Derek' is probably my favourite thing of everything I've done, so I can't wait to start thinking up some new adventures for the gang."

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