Carley to return to The Valleys

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  • 14 May 2013
Carley Belmonte

Carley Belmonte

Carley Belmonte is to make a dramatic return to 'The Valleys' tonight (14.05.13) just one week after she quit the house following a dispute with co-star Liam Powell

Carley Belmonte will return to 'The Valleys' tonight (14.05.13).

The blonde beauty quit the show's Cardiff house last weekend after falling out with co-star Liam Powell when he caused controversy by telling Natalee Harris that her ex-boyfriend Darren Chidgey had been kissing Carley, but she is now determined to forget the "pathetic bulls**t" and concentrate on DJ-ing.

In tonight's episode, she says: "I nearly threw all of this away, just for some pathetic bulls**t. I'm back in Cardiff, I'm focussed on DJ-ing and I'm not giving it up.

"I'll never forgive Liam for making me feel like I didn't want to be here. I've got no intention of being his friend."

A delighted Chidgey replies: "There's my girl, there's my best mate. Happy days!"

However, Carley's return appears to leave Liam less than impressed even though he claims he isn't bothered by her being back in the house.

He says: "I don't give a f**k if Carley's back. I'm here for me and nobody else."

As well as the usual drama, tonight's episode will feature Latesysha Grace getting a new tattoo of the word "Valleywood" on her lady parts to replace the inking of a sheep she had done in the first series.

Nicole Morris says: "Last time we came to the Valleys, me and the girls decided to get sheep tattoos done on our f***s. Mine was a perfect little sheep, but Lateysha's was like an old rotten, mutton, one-legged sheep. It was just hanging."

Lateysha replies: "I'm a Valley girl with Hollywood glamour, so I'm getting Valleywood written across my f****, covering my disabled sheep."

Nicole says: "I'm so jealous, I've got f**** envy!"

But Chidgey is less than impressed, saying: "A tattoo saying Valleywood? That's f***ing horrendous!"

'The Valleys' continues tonight at 10pm on MTV.

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