Wretch 32 inspired by stripper

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  • 14 May 2013
wretch 32

Wretch 32

London rapper Wretch 32 was "inspired" to write his song 'Rock Bottom' after being engrossed in a conversation with a stripper, whose side of the story he wanted to tell through his track

Wretch 32 was "inspired" to write a song after meeting a stripper.

The London rapper found himself engrossed in a conversation with a girl working at a strip club and left the venue bursting with lyrics for his track 'Rock Bottom', which he hopes will give listeners an insight into her side of the story.

He recalled: "I took something from speaking to her. She sat with me and told me about her life. When you're in a strip club you wonder why the girls are there - you assume they had no other option.

"I went away and wrote a record creating a story and family for her guessing why she might be there. It was an inspiring talk with a stripper, who will probably never know about it.

"Sometimes you have to flip these things on their head. I wanted to tell another side of a story."

The track is from Wretch 32's upcoming, as-yet untitled, album and the 28-year-old musician chose debut single 'Blackout' to help establish him as more of a rapper, not a pop star like many people refer to him as.

The rap star - real name Jermaine Scott Sinclair - told The Sun newspaper: "I had a song called 'Pop' which set up the mood of the record and let people know where I'm coming from. Things were getting too glitzy, people were calling me 'pop star Wretch 32' - I always wanted to be known as a rapper.

"'Blackout' is the record that makes me smile the most. A lot of the songs from my last album were quite serious but 'Blackout' is uplifting."

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