Crate Digging: Richard Fearless selects six of his current favourite tracks

Crate Digging – Richard Fearless

DJ and co-founder of Death in Vegas starts new night Drone at Glasgow’s Berkeley Suite

'578’ Gunnar Wendel (FXHE Records) is a stunning, melodic, trance-inducing piece of techno. Lauded by the likes of Mr Andrew Weatherall, it's been remixed by the genius that is Omar S, a man who can do no wrong in my eyes. It's truly sublime, with stunning delayed synth stabs and understated soft drums. And to boot this record plays in reverse which always confuses the fuck out of me. Meanwhile Amir Alexander 'The Realest of the Real' (Vanguard Sound) is a shoulder-bopping 303 acid killer with tripped out vocals, another belter from Chicago's finest.

Loads of tracks off the D'Marc Cantu 'Fallen' (Creme Organization) double album are brilliant but there's this one with these discordant, slightly out of tune synth parts that just kill me. Totally wonky, double-drop material. Coming from Ann Arbor, the town which produced Iggy and the Stooges, and more recently the great label Ghostly International, its great stuff indeed.

Green Velvet 'The Red Light' (Music Man Records) is a piece of sleazy techno with a brilliant vocal, it’s a proper seedy late night track. It reminds me of ‘Sex Dwarf’ by Soft Cell meets DAF. The wonky electro-techno of Max D 'Slick' (Future Times) is a sure one to get people moving on the other hand. It’s a bit cosmic, and what a melody. An intricate, glitchy frenzy of a track.

Last time I played Pantha Du Prince ‘Behind the Stars' (Dial) in Glasgow I'm sure it got two spins. I love the switch from four on the floor electro to the sprawling synth lead, what a game-changer. It’s amazing, there are so many fantastic producers out there but this man is up there with the best. He reminds me of Oni Ayhun [aka The Knife’s Olof Dreijer].

Richard Fearless’ new night Drone is at Berkeley Suite, Glasgow, Sat 25 May.

Gunnar Wendel - 578 (Omar S. Berlin Mix)

Amir Alexander - Realest of the Real! - VS003

D'Marc Cantu 'Fallen'

Green Velvet - The Red Light

Max D 'Slick'

Pantha Du Prince ‘Behind the Stars'


An eclectic bi-monthly night from Death in Vegas founder Richard Fearless, named after his record label.