New young producer Koreless mixes dreamlike ambience and 2-step beats


The breaking electronica/dubstep producer returns to the city where he first made his name

‘I developed an obsession with music after getting a computer filled with all sorts, from Ali Farka Touré through to AR Rahman, off my uncle Gareth,’ says Lewis Roberts, the currently-breaking-through 21-year-old producer who dug a first foothold under his production alias Koreless while living in Glasgow.

‘I started out trying to produce with little musical knowledge around the age of 14,’ he continues. ‘I think that’s how everyone starts out. At the time all I had was a desire to imitate what I was hearing, then after imitating it badly I stumbled across what would be the roots of my musical style.’ It’s a style which is both unique and at one with the army of spectral young producers in fashion at the moment, a mix of fractured, plaintive vocals, dreamlike electronic ambience and smooth 2-step beats.

Raised in North Wales and now based in London, however, Roberts’ style will see a marked change with the release of the five track Yūgen EP on Young Turks this month. This party will see him celebrate his work with another fine label, Vase Records (whose Montreal-raised, London-based label boss Jacques Greene is also playing) and return to the city which led him in the right direction. ‘The All Caps boys took me in when I moved up to Glasgow and really showed me good music,’ remembers Roberts. ‘Before then I’d only lived in Bangor which isn’t the most forward thinking of towns. Without them I think things would be different.’


Vase Showcase

Montreal producer Jacques Greene (Night Slugs, LuckyMe) brings some of the artists on his own label to Scotland.