Cleo Higgins' uncomfortable Voice battle

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  • 11 May 2013
Cleo Higgins

Cleo Higgins

Cleo Higgins says the Battle Rounds on 'The Voice' were "uncomfortable" and she felt "apprehensive" about singing Ce Ce Peniston's 1991 hit 'Finally' while up against duo Nu-Tarna

Cleo Higgins says 'The Voice' Battle Rounds are the "most uncomfortable part of the show".

The Cleopatra singer goes head-to-head with duo Nu-Tarna - who she is rumoured to have fallen out with - when she sings Ce Ce Peniston's 1991 hit 'Finally' on tonight's (11.05.13) episode, but she finds it "tough" to take her rivals "down" vocally.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "It's a bit of a toughie. There's a lot going on with the battles. It's the most uncomfortable part of the show for me because you're not just proving yourself, you're proving yourself against who they are putting you up against.

"It's like you've got to take people down without being too badass about it. I keep saying the battles are here and I've got to take someone down vocally."

As well as worrying about her rivals, Cleo admits she was "apprehensive" about singing 'Finally' and didn't think she had nailed the song "until the last minute".

She added: "It was not my most favourite song ever. I love it to listen to but to sing it I was a bit apprehensive. That was the scariest bit for me really. Taking a song like that and being able to put my stamp on it. I'm cool now though. I had plenty of time. I know what I was doing with it.

"But up until the last minute I still wasn't really fully there. But you'll see when it comes together. It's a lot of fun, the song. I get to flirt a bit as well."

Cleo will take part in her Battle Round on 'The Voice' tonight (11.05.13) on BBC One at 8:35pm.

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