The Middle Place presented by Garry Fabian Miller (4 stars)

The Middle Place presented by Garry Fabian Miller

Step into the timelessness of nature captured by the world acclaimed Bristolian photographic artist

The Middle Place is Bristolian photographic artist and gardener Garry Fabian Miller's personal viewing area from which he can eyeball the seasonal synergies which have made him an acclaimed international artist. It's best to start upstairs with this exhibition, for here hangs Miller's formative explorations and within them lies the key to all his work.

The original eight images in ‘Sections of England: The Sea Horizon’, taken in 1976 from the roof of Miller's home at Clevedon looking west across the waters of the Severn Estuary, open the space. Over the next 20 years Miller extended the cycle to over 40 images, all of which line the walls here. Their skies heave and change, horizons flatten, there's shimmer and chop and even a lone gull. The lens, film and exposure are fixed, and yet change is the only constant here. The complete ‘Sea Horizon’ is an extraordinary and timeless work.

Downstairs are Miller's huge, camera-less Rothko-like abstracts with their burnt oranges, sea grass blues and bordered darks. They evoke Maya Angelou's testimony that, 'the horizon leans forward, offering you space to place new steps of change'.

Ingleby Gallery, Edinburgh, until 13 Jul.

Garry Fabian Miller: The Middle Place

Early and recent work by renowned fine art photographer.

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