Gemma Chan's tough love

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  • 10 May 2013
Gemma Chan in her ES Magazine shoot

Gemma Chan in her ES Magazine shoot

Gemma Chan says her boyfriend Jack Whitehall has to work "hard" to make her laugh and insists the comedian plays a persona when he is performing his stand-up routines

Jack Whitehall has to work "hard" to make girlfriend Gemma Chan laugh.

The comedian - who took the brunette beauty on a first date to peri-peri chicken chain Nando's - finds it tough to get a chuckle out of the brunette beauty, who says he has to get her permission if he wants to joke about her in his routines.

She told ES Magazine: "He has to work quite hard to make me laugh. It's a persona he plays on stage; it's a heightened, exaggerated version of him. I don't know how you would deal with someone at that pitch every day. As a comedian you use your own life but I think people know it's not a literal telling of the truth.

"You appropriate stories and present them as something that happened to you. If he wants to draw on my life, it's on a case-by-case basis. He knows he has to run everything by me first."

The 30-year-old stunner plays a lesbian in Channel 4 drama 'Dates', and admits she felt a "responsibility" to play a homosexual character because she thinks it is "important" to portray gay relationships on TV as realistically as possible.

She added: "Playing a gay character, you feel a certain responsibility.

"I've never dated a woman, and I wouldn't want to do something that wasn't truthful, so we had to trust the writer.

"I think it's important to see gay relationships on TV. In New Zealand recently they've legalised gay marriage and we need to get with the times over here; there are no good arguments against it."

ES Magazine is out Friday (10.05.13) and is available to read for free on iPad and Kindle Fire.

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