Citizens Theatre conclude season with Caryl Churchill's Far Away and Seagulls

Citizens Theatre conclude season with Caryl Churchill's Far Away and Seagulls

Dominic Hill / Photo: Eamonn McGoldrick

Dominic Hill stages two contemporary classics

In directing a double bill of Caryl Churchill plays, who bridges the gap between the political plays of the 1970s and the personal tone of contemporary theatre, artistic director of The Citizens Theatre Dominic Hill makes a claim for Seagulls and Far Away as modern classics.

‘She’s a brilliant writer. It amazing when you think she’s in her 70s now. She has recreated herself and doesn’t stop. What’s quite nice about doing two plays is to see the similarities and the differences. Not only is the writing so careful and specific, she has that wonderful ability of taking naturalism and making it metaphorical, which I think all great playwrights do.’

This evolution of her style is what makes the double bill so potent. While Seagulls is ‘completely naturalistic (it just happens to be about a woman with telekinetic powers), Far Away is almost a fantasy,’ notes Hill. ‘It kind of erupts into an absurd vision of a world at war. There’s an almost satirical quality to it.’ Concluding the Citizens season, the pairing of Seagulls and Far Away is another example of how Hill’s programming encourages a theatre that is both connected to the past and determinedly relevant.

Citizens Theatre, Glasgow, Thu 23 May–Sat 8 Jun.

Far Away and Seagulls

Double bill. Caryl Churchill's play, Far Away, is set in a dystopian world, where a young girl wakes in the night at her aunt and uncle’s house to hear and see disturbing things she will not forget. Also performed is Seagulls, a short play about a woman who has the unusual gift of being able to move objects by power of…

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