San Cisco bouncing back from break-in

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 9 May 2013
San Cisco

San Cisco

San Cisco are bouncing back from having their van broken into after playing in Bristol, South West England

San Cisco are bouncing back from their van getting broken into.

The Australian four piece group - Jordi Davison, Josh Biondillo, Nick Gardener and Scarlett Stevens - have just finished supporting Darwin Deez on a seven date tour around the UK, but ran into trouble when their van full of equipment got broken into in Bristol, South West England.

Jordi told BANG Showbiz: "We opened the back of the van, and all of our cases had been opened and thrown around. We then went to the main part; they had ripped down the DVD and CD player. They just trashed it."

Scarlett added: "When bad things that happen to us, there is almost always a positive we can take out of it, but that was so annoying and it f***ed up the day and there was nothing to take away from it."

The band were lucky because all their gear was intact and they only had their Satnav stolen, and they remain hopeful the culprit can be tracked down after they left a phone and their DNA in the van.

Jordi added: "When the police came we realised inside the back of the van, where all the gear is, there was blood. My multi-tool knife was there and they had tried to get in my guitar case but got locked in the back, as the doors automatically close.

"The thief freaked out, got my knife, tried to put it in the door and jar it open and snapped it off. So my blade was still up in the door. So there was blood all over the cases."

San Cisco's new single 'Fred Astaire', is out this week, taken from their self-titled debut album, released on July 29.

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