Fans to dictate price of new Radiohead album

  • 2 October 2007

Radiohead will allow fans who download their new album decide what they want to pay.

In the latest move to modernise with the music industry, as CD sales decline year on year, the group’s seventh studio album In Rainbows will be available for download on from 10 October.

As business models change due to internet downloads and piracy, musicians are concentrating more on the revenue that can be generated by live music and touring.

Radiohead is no longer signed to a record label and can sell directly to consumers.

Consequently, fans can choose to pay nothing for the group’s latest offering if they prefer.

Gareth Grundy, deputy editor of Q music magazine, said the band has 'put their money where their mouth is'.

He added: 'I think other bands that have been similarly successful will look and, if it is deemed to have worked, will do the same.'

Radiohead is also offering a special edition box set for £40, which includes two vinyl albums, a CD version of the new album, a CD with new songs, as well as photographs and artwork.


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