Helen George: Call the Midwife is educational

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  • 9 May 2013
The cast of Call the Midwife

Helen George, Jessica Raine and Bryony Hannah

Helen George is surprised by the young fans who watch 'Call the Midwife' but thinks the drama provides sex education

Helen George thinks 'Call the Midwife' provides sex education to young people.

The actress - who plays Nurse Trixie Franklin in the BBC 1950s drama - is "surprised" how popular the programme is among children, but is hopeful they will learn something by watching the show.

She said: "Lots of children seem to watch the show, which always surprises me as it's like a form of sex education for kids.

"But the sex is done very politely and nothing is shown. It's very tasteful - I get a lot of letters from 10-year-old boys."

While Helen loves working on the programme - which also stars Jessica Raine and Bryony Hannah - she admits it has made her terrified at the thought of giving birth, though it has helped her already make informed choices for when she does decide to start a family with husband Oliver Boot.

She added in an interview with The Sun newspaper: "They didn't take us to see an actual birth as preparation for the show but I don't think I would have wanted to go if they'd asked me.

"The show makes me feel really, really scared and makes me want every drug I can get my hands on when I eventually give birth.

"I would never give birth 1950s style - give me the gas and air and epidural, thank you very much!"

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