Tim Stillwell fired from The Apprentice

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  • 9 May 2013
Tim Stillwell

Tim Stillwell

Axed 'Apprentice' contestant Tim Stillwell insists Lord Alan Sugar made a "mistake" firing him from the show, but admits he left him with "no choice"

Tim Stillwell thinks Lord Alan Sugar had "no choice" but to fire him on last night's (08.05.13) 'Apprentice'.

The Mexican food entrepreneur came unstuck while leading Evolve - made up of Tim as Project Manager and the female candidates - in a task which saw them create, manufacture and sell their own flavoured beers, but they only made a profit of £399.02 compared to Endeavour's £831.56 profit.

Despite admitting the task could have gone better, Tim insists Lord Sugar made a "mistake" by giving him his marching orders and said the entrepreneur later praised him for his "credible application form".

The 23-year-old businessman exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "I definitely think Lord Sugar made a mistake firing me so I early. I do really believe I didn't give him a lot of choice though. That was very apparent in the boardroom, he said to me, 'You have left me no choice.' I genuinely don't think he wanted to get rid of me.

"In real life he did say to me, 'Tim, you made some very bold claims on your application form for such a young guy.' But then he realised I didn't have all the massive claims in the form and he said, 'Actually, this is quite a credible application form, but you just brought in the wrong two people.'

"So I think he had no option to let me go but I don't think it was the right decision for longevity. I think I would have grown as the process went on."

Lord Sugar selected Tim to be Project Manager of the girls' team because he is seeking investment for a new form of drink, but he admits the role came "a bit early" for him in the process.

He added: "I was sort of expecting to get fired because everything went badly. I wasn't expecting to go out in week two but considering how the task went then I was ready to take it on the chin.

"It was definitely a bit early to be Project Manager. I'm not really used to managing people."

'The Apprentice' continues next Wednesday (15.05.13) on BBC One at 9pm.

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