Slipknot's return is 'in the air'

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  • 9 May 2013


Slipknot are preparing for a full scale comeback in 2014, noting "something has changed in the atmosphere" among their fans

Slipknot say you can "smell" their return "in the air."

The 'Surfacing' band's Shawn 'Clown' Crahan told how they are planning a full scale return next year, hinting they could even release a new album.

Speaking to, he said: "Slipknot 2014. You can smell it in the air and people can feel it. The energy is out there and you can feel it.

"People go places we once were and feel it there, but not in full body, and that's just because we're returning.

"You can ask anyone around the world what the culture of the 'Knot is, [anyone] who truly knows, and they will tell you that something has changed in the atmosphere."

If Slipknot release a new record it will be their first since 2008's 'All Hope is Gone' and, more importantly, their first since the death of bass player Paul Grey from a drugs overdose in 2010, which had a huge impact on the group and almost caused them to split.

He added: "We're coming back full force and I haven't been so excited for a very long time.

"I mean, we just got off a tour last summer and it's only been eight months, but I feel like we've got six shows this summer and then after that, everyone is just going to chill a little bit. It's on. It feels f***ing good.

"I won't tell you who, where, why, what, when, but 2014 [is Slipknot]."


The controversial masked American heavy metal shock-rockers with a typically uncompromising live set of blood, snot and tears.

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