Coronation Street's Tina to keep surrogate baby

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 8 May 2013
Michelle Keegan

Michelle Keegan

Tina McIntyre will decide to keep the baby she is pregnant with as a surrogate mother for Gary Windass and Izzy Armstrong in a dramatic new 'Coronation Street' storyline

Tina McIntyre will decide to keep her baby in a dramatic new 'Coronation Street' storyline.

The barmaid had agreed to act as a surrogate for Gary Windass and Izzy Armstrong - who can't have babies of her own - but becomes attached to the tot once she gives birth and decides to keep him for herself.

Gary (Mikey North) and Izzy (Cherylee Houston) plan to call the baby Jake, but Tina - played by Michelle Keegan - decides to name him Joe after her late father.

In one heated conversation with her close friend Rita Tanner, Tina is set to rage: "I don't care whether they are the love story of the century, I'm doing this for me and my Joe. He's my son."

Rita interjects: "But he's got their genes."

Tina is unfazed, telling Rita: "I can give him as good a life as anyone."

Trying to help her friend, Rita (Barbara Knox, 79), offers to repay Izzy's dad, Owen, for the money he paid for Tina to be a surrogate. She also offers to help her friend with court fees when she threatens legal action.

Tina's shock change of mind will send shockwaves through Weatherfield, and divide the street and she could even be evicted from her flat, paid for with Owen's surrogate money.

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