Apple Tree Yard (4 stars)

Apple Tree Yard

A novel reflecting upon how we all create our own stories in order to justify our actions

Yvonne Carmichael, a successful geneticist and suburban wife, embarks on a dangerous affair with a married man, which intensifies and leads to a shocking act of violence. At first glance, the plot of Apple Tree Yard may seem like a mixture of crime cliché and Fifty Shades gloss, however this is a novel full of depth and detail that requires the reader to question the morals of all characters involved, and bravely resists offering the answers.

Yvonne Carmichael herself is a classic unreliable narrator and because she addresses the story to her lover throughout the novel, the reader is encouraged to continually question whether this is in fact a true recollection of events. This is a compelling novel, not only because it explores how one decision can irrevocably alter a person’s life, but also because it reflects upon the very nature of narrative, and how we all create and believe our own stories in order to justify our actions.

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