Britain's Got Talent's Thomas Senior 'shocks' Simon Cowell

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  • 6 May 2013
Simon Cowell at the launch of BGT's seventh series

Simon Cowell

'Britain's Got Talent' contestant Thomas Senior thinks Simon Cowell was "shocked" and "confused" by his juggling act on Saturday night's (04.05.13) show, which caused him to say no to the young hopeful

'Britain's Got Talent' contestant Thomas Senior thinks Simon Cowell was "shocked" by his juggling act.

The young hopeful's staircase bounce production was branded "boring" by the music mogul on Saturday night's (04.05.13) show, but Thomas insists the opinion held is simply down to Simon's lack of knowledge and understanding of the skill.

Thomas told The Sun newspaper: "I think he was shocked by someone bouncing balls rather than the traditional way of tossing them. Toss juggling is the norm, so it's understandable he was confused.

"The staircase was just a thing I got made to make sure the balls will bounce. I don't need it all the time. The way the balls bounce is quite rhythmic so it works well with music. I can move around the stage a lot more and it looks impressive."

Thomas - who was put voted through to the next round by judges Alesha Dixon, David Walliams and Amanda Holden - also revealed plans to blow the audience away if he was to make the finals, putting on an act which has never been done before.

The 16 year old added: "I've looked into setting them on fire. No one has ever done that. There are balls you can get that can be juggled in the air and set on fire but the bouncy ones are made of rubber and obviously that would melt."

In order to perfect his performance, the entertainer has been practising in his parents' bedroom at home and he is glad comedian David enjoyed the routine.

Thomas said: "I've got a granite slab in my parents' bedroom and I go in there and practice. I've only been doing it for three years but my friends find it mesmerising.

"I'm glad David Walliams was a fan and hopefully if I get to the final people will see it's not at all boring."

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