Feral Kingdom: Group Show

Feral Kingdom: Group Show

Film, paintng, drawing and sculpture

Things are rarely as great as we remember them. But there is a nostalgic ‘vibe’ to the ‘sensory overload of international work’ currently on show at the CCA that eschews the rose tinted perspective, bringing together artists with an interest in the seamier side of underground culture. So, what heady meta-cultural melange can we expect?

The supporting literature describes this loosely curated show as a head spinning ‘cultural cocktail’, with eight artists – Zeloot, E*rock, Jelle Crama, Matthew Stone, The-O, Baldvin Ringsted, Lolly Batty and Dr Lakra – showing a wide range of objects inspired by 50s pin-ups and electronic invention. A wigged-out psychedelic theme links most of the work, stylistic habits, ideas, images and motifs dragged by the tail from the 60s to the 80s, finally resting awkwardly here. Does the psychedelic hippiefied scene have anything to say to us today, or is it merely another pocket of the untouched ‘good stuff’ to be mined by the contemporary culture industry?

A search engine will quell your ignorance of most of these names, and throw up a battery of rich graphic art, flyers, covers, and ‘stuff’ by Zealot, for example. Piles of bodies form multicoloured flesh hills in these advertisements-as-art pieces; a DIY aesthetic belies the knowledge of avant-gardist graphics that the artists involved obviously hold. E*Rock and Jelle Crama (who collaborate with Zeloot) will show similarly intricate designs, drawing on the discombobulated human body (intestinal gore galore) and an ‘indie boy’ biro-wielding aesthetic. Other contributing artists move away from the world of advertising but still keep their big toe dipped in the surrealist pool – in the work of Mexican tatooist Dr Lakra, for example. The body is also on display in the film by Mathew Stone and The-O, a body tortured and enraptured by the hallucinogenic work on the walls around it. (Alexander Kennedy)

CCA, Glasgow, until Sat 10 Nov

Feral Kingdom

  • 2 stars

A sensory overload of international work, mixing silk screen poster art, film, geometric sculpture, 50s pin-ups, electronic invention, painting and tattoo and featuring Zeloot, E*rock, Jelle Crama, Matthew Stone, Baldvin Ringsted, Lolly Batty and Dr Lakra.

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