Wet Sounds - Glasgow event combines swimming and music

Wet Sounds - Glasgow event combines swimming and music

Float in a pool listening to sounds by Joel Cahen and La Horrox

It’s the most listening fun you can have without electrocuting yourself

You get in the pool. You listen to music either in the water, out of the water or somewhere in between, floating on the surface. There are speakers submerged below you and in the air above, playing separate tracks by creator Joel Cahen and guest vocalist La Horrox. ‘The three sound spaces,’ says Wet Sounds’ blurb, ‘are used to convey parallel narratives, musical and literal.’ It sounds very relaxing.

It’s already made quite a splash

Shoot us for using that phrase. Put us out of our misery. We deserve it. Established five years ago by Cahen at London Fields Lido in Hackney (Nurse with Wound performed, which must have been a fright), Wet Sounds has toured the pools and art festivals of Europe, including previous appearances in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Witness hipsters in their swimming trunks and underwear-as-swimwear

This year, Synergy Concerts are promoting the show at the beautiful and newly restored Arlington Baths Club as part of the West End Festival. Previous Wet Sounds appearances have included All Tomorrow’s Parties, the AV Festival, Ultima in Oslo and the Glasgow Music and Film Festival. It should be one for, let’s say, more esoteric tastes.

Strange things happen underwater
Sound travels four and a half times faster, they tell us, so the brain doesn’t notice the lag between one ear hearing and the other catching up. Also, because sound waves are carried by water directly to the inner ear, some people who are hard of hearing say they can ‘hear’ underwater.

It’s great for people who can swim

Unlike certain writers at The List. Oh well. Maybe they can record it for us and we can listen in the bath.

Arlington Baths Club, Glasgow, Sun 2 Jun.

Wet Sounds

A unique underwater music experience at Britain’s oldest surviving swimming club. With two sound systems playing different content, each are heard separately, except while floating on the surface of the water. Featuring an electro-acoustic sound collage by Joel Cahen with vocals by La Horrox.

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