Simon Cowell compares BGT drag act to Spice Girls

Simon Cowell compares drag act Bosom Buddies to the Spice Girls on this week's 'Britain's Got Talent'

BGT act Bosom Buddies

BGT act Bosom Buddies

Simon Cowell compares a drag act to the Spice Girls on this week's 'Britain's Got Talent'.

The acid-tongued TV judge is in fine form this week when faced with Bosom Buddies - made up of teacher Mark, known as Bernie, and building yard worker Stuart, who's alter-ego is Brenda - singing 'La Vie en Rose' by Edith Piaf.

After their performance, he tells them: "It's like Geri Halliwell and Victoria Beckham separating away from the Spice Girls and doing a duet."

Mark cheekily responds: "Only better looking."

Simon joins in with the ribbing, adding: "And better singers. There is a resemblance, particularly you [points to Stuart]."

This week the auditions head to Glasgow, Scotland, where Simon makes and interesting revelation about his love for bagpipes.

'Britain's Got More Talent' presenter Stephen Mulhern asks him: "Last year you were 25 per cent Scottish, have you increased?"

Simon replies: "I'm 50 per cent."

Stephen then asks him: "Bagpipes - love or hate?"

Simon, surprisingly, responds: "Actually I like them. I love 'Amazing Grace' on bagpipes. I genuinely do."

'Britain's Got Talent' is back on ITV tomorrow (04.05.13) at 7:15pm.


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