AJ Taudevin stages Some Other Mother at Traverse

Some Other Mother

Tapping into childrens' eyes and language to raise the topic of asylum seekers

AJ Taudevin's Some Other Mother, about the young daughter of an asylum seeker in a Glasgow high rise, comes from a close and personal place. An activist and worker within the city's asylum seeker community, Taudevin draws from the same material as Cora Bissett's Glasgow Girls. But eschewing musical documentary for the wild and surreal, Taudevin turns to the language she has observed, particularly amongst children, for her inspiration.

‘I consciously chose to go through the eyes of a child,’ she says. ‘We see the whole experience through her fantastical view of the world. She is trying to understand all of these totally nonsensical things that are happening to her and her mother. Children in these high-stress situations are able to flip from extreme distress to finding the joy and the light straight away.’

An angry yet hopeful play, it trades in humour at the point where communication becomes confusing. Whether it is an individual interacting with an institution, or people with different languages. ‘These kids have the most hilarious language that they have created,’ Taudevin adds. ‘A mix of Glaswegian, their mother's tongue, with some London in there too: you get these little melting pots in these tiny little bodies which is often just utterly hilarious.’

Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, Fri 7 & Sat 8 Jun; Tron Theatre, Glasgow, Fri 14 & Sat 15 Jun

Some Other Mother

A play exploring language, globalisation, solidarity and class through the struggles of a young African mother trying to care for her child in Glasgow.

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