William Shakespeare turned hipster for new show

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  • 2 May 2013
William Shakespeare in 2013

An imagining of William Shakespeare in 2013

William Shakespeare has been turned into a hipster by new show 'Secret Lives Of', which imagines what historical figures would be like in 2013

William Shakespeare has been turned into a hipster by new show 'Secret Lives Of'.

The Yesterday programme sees Dr. Suzannah Lipscomb examine what historical figures, such as the playwright, may look and like and what they would likely be doing in 2013.

Artists spent three months updating the pictures of the historical figures, giving Shakespeare a trendy quiff and stubble and Henry VIII hair plugs and a sharp suit. Marie Antoinette gets a boob job, while Elizabeth I is placed in a power suit.

Explaining the makeover of Shakespeare, the programme's bosses said: "Today, he would have been writing for TV, the National Theatre and Hollywood - all at the same time.

"We've depicted him as a hipster, very vain about his quiff and his immaculately trimmed beard.

"There has always been speculation about his sexuality, since he wrote poetry to men and women.

"So we popped an earring in his left ear, which carries a hint that he was gay."

Of King Henry VIII - who ruled England from 1509 to 1547 - they said: "Renowned for being vain and lavish, King Henry VIII has been given white veneers and hair plugs to hide his balding head.

"Henry, known to flaunt his wealth, is now out of his voluminous puffed sleeve velvet gown and in a tailored designer black suit, wearing a sparkling diamond ring and designer watch.

"Instead of the cotton shirt fastened up to the chin he now sports an unbuttoned shirt 'Simon Cowell' style and is very much the 'modern day lady killer'."

Meanwhile, Queen Eliabeth I, who was in power from 1533 to 1603 is seen wearing a "bespoke stylish and unique female suit" and straightened hair "in a powerful yet stylish short cropped style."

Explaining Marie Antoinette's enhanced assets, they said: "Teased for her small breasts as a teenager, she has been given breast implants."

The 14-part 'Secret Lives Of' series starts with Henry VIII tonight (02.05.13) at nine PM on Yesterday.

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