Meat Loaf 'jealous' of fit performers in their 60s

Meat Loaf admits he gets "jealous" of other performers in their 60s who are a lot fitter than him and have no apparent health problems

Meat Loaf

Meat Loaf

Meat Loaf is "jealous" of other performers in their 60s who have no apparent problems.

The 65-year-old rocker has vowed his current European tour will be his last because of mobility problems stemming from a knee replacement operation and balance issues caused by suffering 18 concussions, but wishes he was able to carry on.

He said: "This really is my final tour. I won't be talked out of it.

"I've had all these concussions and they're now starting to play havoc with my equilibrium and balance. I was upstairs getting dressed earlier and if you'd had a camera on me, you'd be asking, 'How much has that guy had to drink?' That's a problem on stage. I stumble and people think I've been drinking.

"It upsets me and I'm jealous because I see Bruce Springsteen sliding along the stage on his knees and Jagger's still doing it, but I've got 100 pounds on him and that extra weight has a bearing on your bones and joints."

The 'Bat Out Of Hell' rocker also revealed he has had many near-death experiences.

He added to Q magazine: "I've been in a plane that had to make an emergency landing, been in a plane where the wing hit the runway, been in a plane where the hydraulics blew out... I've been in a head-on collision in a car and spend four hours waiting to be cut out. I am a cat with nine lives and I've had eight of them."


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