The Valleys' Natalee: The twins are 'outrageously mad'

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 30 April 2013
Jason and Anthony

Jason and Anthony

The Valleys' identical twins Anthony and Jason are "mad in the head" and haven't "evolved properly", according to their co-stars Natalee Harris

The Valleys' identical twins are "mad in the head", according to Natalee Harris.

The double trouble duo, Anthony and Jason, are set to spice things up in the mischievous Cardiff household when they muscle their way in on the rest of the gang and get up to all sorts of outrageous antics, such as engaging in lewd acts with food, which shock their housemates.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, Natalee said: "Jason had sex with a pot noodle and a slice of pizza. They're not all there! They're literally mad in the head, crazy, crazy. You're going to be shocked by them."

The buff brothers - who have been recruited to promote Cardiff's Glam nightclub - have their sights set on stirring things up in the house by impressing the ladies with their charm, but the twins are still yet to master the art of manners.

Natalee explained: "When you see them eat and drink they're stuck halfway through evolution. They're like proper neanderthals, honest to God! They haven't evolved properly yet."

Nicole Morris added: "When Anthony eats cereal, he will take a little bit out of the box but then will drink milk out of the carton instead of pouring it into a bowl."

'The Valleys' series two starts tonight (30.04.13) on MTV at 10pm.

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