The Valleys cast want Geordie Shore drink-off

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  • 29 April 2013
The Valleys cast

The Valleys cast

'The Valleys' stars Nicole and Natalee would love to see the Welsh gang under the same roof as their rival MTV stars from 'Geordie Shore' in an "explosive" one-off episode

'The Valleys' cast want a drink-off with the 'Geordie Shore' crew.

The party-mad Welsh gang - who were branded "fake" copycats by their rival MTV stars - think the best way to silence their criticism would be to bring the two shows together for an "explosive" one-off special full of booze, rows and romance.

Asked whether the Welsh can drink the Geordies under the table, Natalee Harris exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "It'd be quite fun to see us all together in the house and on a night out. It'd be mental. That would be explosive telly!"

Nicole Morris added: "I think Leteysha [Grace] and Vicky [Pattinson] would fight, Jenna [Jonathan] and Scott [Timlin] would get it on, maybe Nat and Gaz [Gary Beadle]..."

However, the girls are still bitter about some of the harsh comments the Newcastle stars made about them, particularly because they are such fans of the show.

Nicole explained: "I just think it's really upsetting because they had to start from somewhere and build a reputation. I just would have thought that they would have been a bit more supportive.

"I still love 'Geordie Shore' and it was a bit hurtful when I read comments from them , I didn't think they were that actually that low.

"I know a few people in my home town won't watch 'Geordie Shore' now because they were slagging us lot off."

Natalee chimed in: "I used to find them really funny but now it kind of takes that away from it because they're being really horrible. I'm not going to slag them off because I still love the show."

'The Valleys' series two kicks off on MTV on Tuesday night (30.04.13) at 10pm.

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