Stereophonics - album review (3 stars)

Stereophonics - album review

Pull the Pin (V2)

Although rock’s snootiest critics might have it that The Stereophonics are one of the most blasphemous and superannuated crimes ever inflicted on music, it’s hard to underestimate the value of giving a fanbase what they want. Certainly, the band’s unassuming prominence is more well-earned than many of today’s hyped contenders.

This album – the band’s sixth and Kelly and Richard Jones’ second with new drummer Javier Weyler – promises no deviance from usual form. In the case of earnest, gravel-voiced ballads like ‘Daisy Lane’ and ‘It Means Nothing’ that’s not such a good thing, but ploughing rockers ‘Bank Holiday Monday’ and the contentiously-titled ‘Soldiers Make Good Targets’ at least promise a bit of noisy stadium fun. (David Pollock)


Croaky Kelly and chums return in support of their latest album Scream Above the Sounds.

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