Kate Nash – Oran Mor, Glasgow, Sun 14 April 2013 (3 stars)

Kate Nash – Oran Mor, Glasgow, Sun 14 April 2013

Nash and her all-female band provide a rousing, affectionate show

Kate Nash is best known for her first album, Made of Bricks, and particularly the single 'Foundations'. Second album My Best Friend is You was riot grrrl-lite crossed with Motown, and third album Girl Talk steps further away from pop and down a grimier, rockier path. It seems to be the right way to go, and the band (as well as the crowd) appear to be embracing the riot grrrl look as well as the sound.

Nash comes onstage to a recording of 'You Don't Own Me', looking like the love-child of Queenadreena's Kate Jane Garside and a BBC newsreader: an enormous tiara, red lips, and a coral skirt-suit. Her between-song chat is minimal but affectionate, and there's no faulting the enthusiasm of the songs.

'All Talk' is a 90s joy-fest: all power chords, distortion and feedback, and guitars set to growl. Contrasted with Nash's heavy accent and simple lyrics, it's a charming combination. Her vocals veer from éclair-sweet choruses to a low drawl that sometimes feels more like spoken word, which works beautifully in 'Don't You Want to Share the Guilt?'

The crowd favourite, though, is 'Paris' – perhaps because Nash encourages fans to dance up on stage, as well as throwing a few shapes herself. There's a slightly awkward moment when she introduces the controversially-titled 'I'm a Feminist, You're Still a Whore' – though we're assured that it's non-gender-specific.

From beginning to end, Nash's performance is thoroughly enjoyable. It's like seeing a friend's band, in the best possible way: high energy and plenty of fun.

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Kate Nash

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