Sheridan Smith too nervous for nude scenes

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  • 26 April 2013
Sheridan Smith at the London Film Festival

Sheridan Smith

Sheridan Smith has confessed she is too shy and body-conscious to get completely naked for a role

Sheridan Smith is too self-conscious to go nude on screen.

The 'Mrs Biggs' actress thinks it's incredibly "brave" to strip off completely on camera and would be too nervous to do it because she gets embarrassed about revealing her body in front of her co-stars, though she hasn't ruled out doing so in future.

She said: "As an actor you shouldn't be body-conscious but I am. If I get in shape and a part requires it, maybe I will.

"I find all those bedroom scenes hard, though. It's so embarrassing - especially if it's someone I fancy."

The 31-year-old blonde has been busy filming Channel 4 series 'Dates' alongside Andrew Scott, which sees each episode following a couple as they meet for the first time.

However, Sheridan found it an awkward experience as it involved the most daring sex scene she has filmed so far.

The star admitted: "I did one for 'Dates' and had modesty covers and nipple patches, but you feel such a nob! I'm not shy. I've never done full nude."

"I've got a job coming up where I have to be a bit less dressed and I'm thinking, 'God, I'll have to go to boot camp.' But it's with somebody nice, so that puts me at ease."

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