Lisa Snowdon never let George Clooney dress her

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  • 26 April 2013
Lisa Snowdon with pig at TLC launch

Lisa Snowdon with pig at TLC launch

'Your Style in His Hands' star Lisa Snowdon insists she never let George Clooney pick her outfits during their on/off romance

Lisa Snowdon never let George Clooney pick her clothes,.

The 41-year-old beauty is presenting a makeover show 'Your Style in His Hands with Lisa Snowdon' on new entertainment TV channel TLC in which hapless men have £5,000 to overhaul the wardrobes of their wives and girlfriends.

Lisa was in a five-year on/off relationship with the Hollywood heartthrob but during their romance she didn't accept any fashion advice from 'The Descendents' star.

When asked if she'd ever let George style her, she said: "No! Boyfriends have bought me clothes before; luckily most of them have been OK. I've always been, 'Oh I quite like that.' Usually though it's good to have a best friend who can be in there with your boyfriend who can say, 'By the way I've seen these shoes and she really likes them.' "

The Capital FM radio host really enjoyed helping the guys re-style their ladies for the programme, but she was shocked by how little knowledge they had of their partners' sizes.

Speaking at the launch of TLC at London restaurant Sketch on Thursday night (25.04.13), she told BANG Showbiz: "The guys just have no idea. What baffles me is that if girls were to go into something like this we'd be rummaging around finding out collar sizes, shoe size, everything, waist size, we would have it planned and the guys just don't know what's going. They end up shopping for shoes three sizes too big, and just forget about the bra size. That's what's interesting is that they don't know their partners' sizes. To be honest a lot of the chaps have never been out of their comfort zone in a department store on their own. Suddenly they're in the deep end, they're shopping with £5,000 they've got that whole responsibility on their shoulders to replace a wardrobe that they've got rid of. So there's a lot at stake here."

Lisa was joined on the red carpet by a micro-pig, and she picked up the cute animal for a cuddle.

Other stars at the glitzy bash included Holly Valance - who appears in 'Ultimate Shopper' on TLC - Louie Spence, Dawn O'Porter and 'Made In Chelsea' star Cheska Hull.

TLC is available from April 30 on Sky (channel 125), Virgin Media (167) and BT Vision (875).

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