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  • 27 October 2006

The best exhibitions

Lucy McKenzie - Ten Years of Robotic Mayhem (and sublet) This exhibition of paintings and drawings by the Scottish émigré presents an insight into the artist's oeuvre. The works on show demonstrate McKenzie's continuing love affair with Glasgow and Edinburgh, with an installation that comprises Mackintosh interiors as well as those of his contemporaries. Talbot Rice Gallery, University of Edinburgh, until Sat 9 Dec

Keith Farquhar - Drunken Maria (14 Units) Edinburgh-based Keith Farquhar manages to fill the space with a tight and humorous installation, which draws on the readymade tradition, adapting and honing elements that had previously appeared in his recent shows at Inverlieth House and the Fruitmarket Gallery. Talbot Rice Gallery Round Room, University of Edinburgh, until Sat 9 Dec.

Handmade The advertising posters on show rely on handmade techniques to get their pint across and to send up the multi-nationals and capitalist swine that dominate the market place with their digitally enhanced images and hyper real simulacra. The Lighthouse Gallery, Glasgow, until Tue 21 Nov.

Young Athenians A host of artists that have exhibited in or been associated with Edinburgh's Embassy Gallery over the last five years show their wares at the RSA. Performance artists Kim Coleman and Jenny Hogarth exhibit a video of a mocked-up toga party, with guitars, roll-ups and bed-sheet togas, with many other Edinburgh artists playing minor roles. RSA, Edinburgh, until Sun 12 Nov.

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