Book Group - Homeward Sound EP

( ●●●●
Opening with the beatific alt-rock sucker-punch of ‘Year of the Cat’, this excellent feedback-strewn debut from Edinburgh’s Book Group (ex-Come on Gang / Kays Lavelle) is packed with rousing US indie delights. Not least of which is ‘Summer of Lunches’, evoking and defying Grandaddy’s Sophtware Slump (‘fuck what the computer says’) while doing a convincing job of being a perfect axe-pop song.
Book Group’s EP launch, Pilrig Church, Edinburgh, Sat 18 May.

Digital Jones - FLOCK EP

( ●●●
Edinburgh electro-soul trio Digital Jones peddles a diverting line in driving groove-rock on their FLOCK EP. While its pace and production values would benefit from a futuristic twist or a disco-kick up the proverbial (especially the EP's title track and ‘One to Ten’), the Gossip-lite of ‘Pumpy’ and carnal-synth workout ‘Beggarman’ suggest that they’ve a secret weapon in fervent vocalist Nikki Kent.
Digital Jones' EP launch, The Caves, Edinburgh, Sat 18 May.

Panda Su - Maps

(Peter Panda) ●●●●
Two years ago, Panda Su bagged our Single of the Month garland for ‘The Alphabet Song’, a magnificent acoustic ode that studied and spelled out the vagaries of love. Now the Dundee singer-songwriter masters the art of cartography, delineating affairs of the heart and marking a beguiling new direction toward melancholic, melodic electronica. The compass, as ever, points to: gorgeous.
Panda Su performs as part of Neu! Reekie!, Summerhall, Edinburgh, Fri 26 Apr.

Roman Nose - Youthclubbed

(Badly Built) ●●●●
Jesus, this is horrifying. Sickening. And quite, quite brilliant. The debut release from Glasgow dirge-electro dervishes Roman Nose successfully lives up to the tech-hysteria and shock of their camouflaged live assaults. From the deceptively sublime intro of the synth-grinding title track, to stunning dread-pop epic ‘Satan Pump’, this is the stuff of nightmares, deviance and the best nights you have (n)ever had.