Future of the Left - album review (4 stars)

Future of the Left - album review

Curses (Too Pure)

When people refer to bands as ‘underrated’ it mostly means they were often too weird, too unfashionable or too good for the general populace to care about. For Mclusky, who tragically imploded in 2005, it was a case of all three and subsequent output from the sundry band members has been decidedly patchy. Until now that is. While Curses enjoys the same familiar nihilistic, sarcastic lyrical bent as Mclusky, sonically it is more structured and intricate, and while the band rock in an At The Drive-In-Shellac-Pop Group kind of way, they are that little bit more gleefully unpredictable and unnerving than much of the flaccid, no wave apeing, hair indie that currently passes for rock music. (Mark Robertson)

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