Alex Cornish - album review (3 stars)

Alex Cornish

Until the Traffic Stops (Bellevue)

Less flamboyant than Rufus Wainwright, less earthy than Richard Hawley, Edinburgh singer-songwriter Cornish here provides a passable debut which suggests he might yet carve out a niche of his own. Orchestral, plaintive and melancholic, the downbeat pop on offer is undeniably accomplished, but sometimes fails to fully engage.

While the likes of ‘My Word What a Mess’ drives along with considerable momentum, elsewhere the vaguely bombastic arrangements and wistful vocals come across like a slightly aimless Coldplay, thanks to an absence of enduring melody. That said, if Cornish can refine his pop sensibilities, he could be onto something in the future. (Doug Johnstone)


1. RL16 Sep 2010, 8:26pm Report

I'm not going to rant at the reviewer but I do think that he needs to have another listen. The album is a definite grower.
I've seen Alex live twice now and listened to his albums, including his new one over and over again and I never grow tired of them. The orchestral feeling and the haunting quality of his songs never fail to soothe me; especially at the end of a long and hard day.
Keep it up Alex - those of us with taste know how to appreciate good music and talent.

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