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  • 4 October 2007
Zoey Van Goey

Tomorrow’s music today. This Issue: Zoey Van Goey

Further proof, if it were required, that you can fall over in the West End of Glasgow and end up forming a hip indie pop band, Irish/Candian/English trio Zoey Van Goey already have a deal with local label Say Dirty Records and the support of a famous friend or two since teaming up ‘rather accidentally’ in 2006. Ahead of their debut release, single ‘Foxtrot Vandals’, drummer Matt Brennan tells it like it is.

I was just walking up University Avenue one day and ran into Michael John (McCarthy). He said, ‘I need a drummer.’ I said, ‘Hey, I’m a drummer.’ So we started jamming. He knew Kim (Moore), who had just moved up to Glasgow. The three of us started jamming, and we were a band.
Zoey Van Goey, in a word?

I guess ‘eclectic’ maybe. Our gimmick, if we have one, is that we all play lots of different instruments. We do your standard drums, guitar, vocals, but we also use little Casio keyboards, viola and accordion. And we like laptops. We also scour charity shops for toys that make good noises and stuff.
Belle and Sebastian singer Stuart Murdoch produced the single. How was he to work with?

He’s just a super nice guy. I don’t know how recording sessions usually go, but ours was really fun. We needed a bass guitar, and Stuart said, ‘Oh, I know a guy’ and he brings in Bob (Kildea) from Belle and Sebastian, who learned the song in and hour and laid down a track. That’s probably the best thing on it. (Malcolm Jack)

Single launch, Nice’N’Sleazy, Glasgow, Sat 13 Oct. ‘Foxtrot Vandals’ is out Mon 15 Oct on Say Dirty Records.

Zoey Van Goey and Human Don't Be Angry

Warming pop with experimental flourishes on lo-fi instruments from ZVG who are poised to release their second album. Also on the bill is ex-Arab Strap man Malcolm Middleton in his latest musical guise.


  • 4 stars

Stirling's new music night, this month featuring Glasgow indie-electronica four-piece Errors, who are signed to Mogwai's Rock Action Records label.

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