Five highlights from Arika: Episode 5 - Hidden in Plain Sight

Five highlights from Arika: Episode 5 - Hidden in Plain Sight

(M)IMOSA / Twenty Looks or Paris is Burning at The Judson Church / credit: Paula Court

(M)IMOSA/Twenty Looks or Paris is Burning at the Judson Church

Inspired by the era-defining 1990 documentary Paris Is Burning, which shone a spotlight on New York's underground drag queen culture, this dance performance by experimental choreographer Trajal Harrell merges 'sculptural acrobatics, elaborate drag and amazingly virtuosic movement'. And as far as voguing goes, these dancers hand Madonna her neat bottom on a plate.
Fri 24 May, 8.30pm; Sat 25 May, 9.45pm.

Hidden in Plain Sight: Club

Less about the gender politics and queer theory behind the movement, this Friday night party is much more about dancing shaking one's queer/bi/dragged-up/straight/undecided bodies to bass-heavy house sets from DJ Sprinkles and ballroom house originator, Vjuan Allure. Arika's clubnight will also feature a festival highlight: flamboyant lunging, sashaying and fierce catwalking from The Legendary Pony Zion Garçon.
Fri 24 May, 11pm.

We Have Something to say about … Vogue'ology

Key members of the house ballroom scene (including Pony Zion and Michael Roberson Garçon), assemble to review the movement's history and roots in black/ Latino/ transgender/ queer culture, tracing its origins in Harlem, and its present day impact.
Pt 1, Sat 25 May, 1.30pm; Pt 2, Sun 26 May.

Soullessness – Cantos I–IV

A project of Terre Thaemlitz's that's been four years in the making (and was originally released as a 29-hour experimental piano solo recording), this is a shortened version – an intriguingly dark sounding 'audio and video investigation of gender cults, Catholicism, hauntings and nuns' use of audio devices.'
Sat 25 May, 7.30pm.

No Church in the Wild

Jack Halberstam, director of the Center for Feminist Research at the University of Southern California, uses Kanye West and Jay-Z as pop culture examples to explore issues surrounding tomboys, drag kings and female masculinity in this low theory discussion.
Sat 25 May, 5.30pm.

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ARIKA13 Episode 5: Hidden in Plain Sight

This instalment brings members of the New York House & Ballroom community to Glasgow, along with queer theorists, performance artists, archivists, theologians and filmmakers, to explore Voguing, drag, clubbing, and the politics of race, class and gender.

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