The Royal We (2 stars)

The Royal We


Optimo@Sub Club, Glasgow, Sun 23

Killer glam-pop songs, a look that could stop a blind charging rhino in its tracks and the backing of Glasgow indie movers and shakers from Stephen Pastel to Franz Ferdinand: The Royal We seem to have the lot. However, the sextet have already announced that they’re to split, after the release of their – it must be said, fantastic – debut album later this month, and a few ‘farewell’ shows.

It’s a decision so punk that it could merit them a place next to the often referenced and also fleeting Vaselines in Scotland’s rock annals. That is, could The Royal We actually perform live. Onstage for barely 20 minutes at Optimo, they appeared flat, soulless and archly nonchalant.
‘All the Rage’ is a tune so superiorly catchy they could have played it in a coma and still grabbed you by the ears. The same couldn’t be said for the rest of their stuff, and, otherwise, only at the very end did singer Jihae successfully cut through the answering din of indifference from the crowd – with a banshee-like scream that probably echoed the frustrations of all who had, until then, rated her band. (Malcolm Jack)

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