Isoscles (4 stars)


Indie pop

Oran Mor, Glasgow, Wed 19 Sep

Witnessing the self-proclaimed ‘media darlings of the Glasgow scene’, it feels impolite to burst Isosceles’ bubble when watching them is such a happy experience. Obviously paying close attention in trigonometry class, an utter fascination with their own name leads to their playing before a tiny wooden triangle of Spinal Tap Stonehenge dimensions on the dancefloor, and dishing out triangles (the musical sort) for their fans to tinkle along with.

Picture a cutesier Franz Ferdinand with added Procol Harum Hammond organ and you can possibly imagine the bulk of Isosceles’ set. It’s grating at first and eventually great, particularly because their ear for a pop hook is so sharp on songs like ‘Darling Look at Your Hair’ and the 120 second ‘Isosceles’ – their own name, spelled out at breakneck punk-pop pace. Then the raucous ‘Watertight’ wrong-foots us all by coming on like early Rapture, cowbells and all (and triangle), leaving a warm glow of communal approval hanging in the air. (David Pollock)

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