The Voice coaches impressed by Tourette's sufferer

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  • 19 April 2013

Nick Tatham, a Tourette's syndrome sufferer impresses the coaches on 'The Voice' tomorrow evening (20.04.13)

A Tourette's syndrome sufferer impresses the coaches on 'The Voice' tomorrow evening (20.04.13).

Musician Nick Tatham credits his music for helping him with the disorder, as he loses his physical and vocal tics when he sings and plays guitar.

Nick - who impresses, Jessie J, Sir Tom Jones and Danny O'Donoghue with a version of Kenny Loggins' hit 'Footloose' - said: "Music is definitely my medication. When I'm playing, I don't really think about it. I get so involved in the songs, I think that's when the Tourette's disappears. But I have physical tics, too.

"When I was at school, people didn't really understand and the main thing that got me through Tourette's and the bad time of having it was my music.

"Tourette's makes me who I am, nothing is going to change that. It's part of me now."

Meanwhile, will admits he has been "sneaky" on the panel by lying to fellow coaches that he isn't going to turn around for certain acts.

Danny said: "I looked over at Will and he was like "No I'm not going, I'm not going" and then bam, straight down [he hits his button]. So yeah, it's on, it's absolutely on now."

will added: "I was a bit sneaky as I told everyone 'No' just to see if they were gonna go."

Meanwhile, Jessie claimed will encourages his fellow judges to pick weak acts to help boost his own chances of success.

She said: "Will's new card is 'I'm going to tell you who to pick'.

"He loves to go "go on Danny, it's yours", so he'll push his button and then he'll say 'I think you should go with Danny'. He is trying to get rid of people that he thinks aren't going to win and Danny and Tom have both fallen for it."

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