Tracer Trails First Birthday Party

Tracer Trails First Birthday Party

Indie experimental

A tracer trail is the streak of light left behind by a speeding bullet. It’s also the name of the micro cottage industry who’ve promoted some of the most charming live shows in Edinburgh over the last year. To celebrate, a very special anniversary do will feature Alasdair Roberts supported by PuMajaW, the spectral collaboration between vocalist Pinkie Maclure and John Wills. With previous shows having featured Jeffrey Lewis and all manner of other sensitive troubadour types from the more melodic end of alt.folk-pop, the emphasis here is on the low-key. Venues are important, with shows at both the Collective and Stills Gallery, while shows at the Forest Café, saw tea and toast on the menu.

‘The tea and toast thing is faux naïve,’ chief Tracer Trail Emily Roff says, ‘but I think it gives things a deliberate aesthetic. I’d rather have a venue that doesn’t have a bar which makes money out of people.’

Hence TT’s birthday church social vibe at Old St Paul’s. Though, whether pure or puritanical, Tracer Trails has been an education for Roff.

‘I was told recently that a tracer trail was also the aura that you see when you’ve taken hallucinogenics,’ she deadpans. ‘That disappointed me slightly.’ (Neil Cooper)

Old St Paul’s Church Hall, Edinburgh, Fri 12 Oct

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