Glittering Shadows

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  • 4 October 2007
Glittering Shadows


Dani Marti studied fine art in Sydney before gaining an MFA at the Glasgow School of Art in 2006. His exhibition, Glittering Shadows, which is being presented as part of Glasgay!, is essentially a series of portraits brought to life through the media of video and his large-scale woven pieces. Marti himself says of his work that, ‘Behind each woven piece is the essence of an emotion and the essence of someone, a person, behind.’

Glittering Shadows consists of five pieces of work in the main gallery space. ‘Dark Bones’ is made from beautiful and fragile Marabou feathers on wood and corresponds to MSDEBS, a video installation which can be found in the Dark Room behind a curtained-off area at the back of the gallery. ‘Braveheart’, a grand woven work consisting of polyester, nylon and leather ropes, corresponds to another video piece, which is also situated in the shadowy Dark Room space.

‘Shadow after Shadow (Portrait of the artist’s mother at the age of 73)’ is juxtaposed with a video piece, ‘Llorona (Arrangement in grey and black)’ of the same subject listening to opera. Finally, ‘Glitter’, a glass and steel installation made from fragments of chandeliers and glass from a break-in at the gallery space takes up space on the floor of the gallery.

Marti says of his working process: ‘Behind each work is a code. It’s like a mantra and once I set up the whole code and the materials, I have to keep on repeating that code.

‘It’s about the process of making the work and spending time with the work. It’s like the grandmother when she is knitting the jumper for the grandson and keeps on projecting about the grandson so it creates a very strong relationship. I see this more like an act of bondage.’ This ritual is what enables him to fully possess the person he is portraying, each piece capturing the personality and emotions of both the subject and artist. (Sandra Marron)

Q! Gallery, Glasgow, until Wed 10 Oct

Dani Marti: Glittering Shadows

Exhibition of Marti's woven constructions made of synthetic fibres, rubber, barbed wire, copper wire and cotton thread - abstract representations of people he admires. 'Part of Glasgay!'.

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