Risk! (3 stars)


The storytelling podcast has some celebrity guests, but the real stars are the everyday strangers

This fortnightly American podcast presented by Kevin Allison is ridiculously simple, with its mix of comedians, performers and members of the public sharing true stories. Grouped under themes such as ‘A Slippery Slope’ or ‘Perverse?’, it can sometimes be a little rough round the edges thanks to its use of ‘real people’. However, it’s that rawness and the genuine, unscripted reactions which makes Risk! so funny or touching.

Initially, the podcast sounds as though it will merely be a collection of amusing anecdotes but soon unveils incredibly personal stories. Most are pretty funny but you’ll be more amazed at how honest some people are, offering up stories that you’d imagine they keep hidden from close friends and family.

Admittedly, perhaps unsurprisingly, not every tale is a hit, and some guests just blether on but others are purely confessional and often incredibly heartfelt. Familiar names such as Greg Proops and Simon Amstell do crop up but it’s the public’s candid stories that will have you hooked.

Jeff Simmermon performs at the RISK! Live Show in NYC - Jan. 26, 2012