Gays in Space promises LGBT-friendly clubbing with a cosmic theme

Gays in Space promises LGBT-friendly clubbing with a cosmic theme

DJ Space Cadette talks us through the disco night's ethos

‘What’s in a name?’ your man Shakespeare once said. Well, a lot apparently, if you are Gays in Space, one of Glasgow’s newest gay nights. ‘People’s initial reaction is often a bit confused, thinking the name sounds really stupid,’ admits organiser Hazel McGrath, AKA Space Cadette. ‘But that’s something I wanted to get across with the name. I wanted it to sound silly because it’s a fun atmosphere and I wanted to communicate that with the advertising,’ she says. ‘You can do whatever you want to do and dress however you want to dress. No one’s going to judge you. It absolutely does not take itself seriously. There’s no pressure. It’s not only a celebration of equal love, but universal love, which encompasses everyone.’

In a city where a lot of clubnights tend to take themselves a tad too seriously, Gays in Space aims to offer an alternative. ‘The idea for the club came about because I have a lot of gay friends and we were kind of dissatisfied with what was available as an “alternative” gay night,’ explains Cadette, who DJs the Space events alongside club wingman Andrew Beltran. ‘The Polo and that Merchant City scene feel like a bit too much pressure and there is not much variety music wise, but even at the other “alternative” nights where there is better music, there is sometimes an uncomfortable atmosphere. I wanted to do a sci-fi night and we were at a house party where someone suggested we combine the two things and do a night called Gays in Space.’

But now, let us ask the tricky question – what kind of music does a ‘gay-friendly space clubnight’ actually play? Disco, it seems. ‘It’s all disco. 70s, 80s, italo and more modern stuff – a big mix. We’re looking into getting a live act or getting some different artists to come in and do DJ sets too.’

Having previously dipped their toes in the waters of Nice‘n’Sleazy and the Flying Duck, the Space crew have recently relocated to Bloc, and will be landing their (Gays in) space craft there on the second Friday of every month.

Bloc, Glasgow, Fri 10 May.

Gays in Space

Excellently named new club night.