Sophie Kromholz, one of the founders of TYCI, shares the group's Record Store Day plans

Sophie Kromholz, one of the founders of TYCI, shares the group's Record Store Day plans

Photo: Neil Thomas Douglas

The women's collective is hosting performances by Jo Mango, Siobhan Wilson and Kitty the Lion

Like many good stories, the tale of TYCI starts in a bar. A group of witty wild things were in the throes of discussion (and beverages of various alcoholic percentages), when the following issue was raised: people still make a really big deal out of female musicians. Female artists. Female photographers. This led to the following realization: people make a big deal when women do all sorts of stuff. And so, TYCI was born.

TYCI is a collective run by women. We’ve got a website where we talk about the things which affect all of us and profile ladies we think are of interest. And we hover around the social networks, femme-ing it up on all fronts. We publish a sexy zine, launched at our monthly live events at Bloc in Glasgow where we put on female-driven bands, MCs and DJs. And most recently, we began hitting you up on the airwaves via a monthly show on Subcity Radio, with news, interviews and music.

April is an exciting month for TYCI, as it marks our six-month birthday and also our first pop-up event: the TYCI Record Store Day Special (Sat 20 Apr, Oxfam Music, Glasgow, 4pm, free). You can expect acoustic sets from Jo Mango, Siobhan Wilson and Kitty the Lion, plus spoken word from Kirstin Innes. And later that night, we will be donning our party hats for our Six Month Birthday Party with a live set from Patricia Panther and Pretty Ugly on the decks (Sat 20 Apr, Bloc, Glasgow, 11pm, free before midnight, £2 after).

TYCI is non-profit and a labour of love. Any money made at the live events goes straight into the pockets of the bands or DJs and the selected monthly charities, with past donations going to the likes of Rape Crisis, Breakthrough Breast Cancer and Scottish Women’s Aid. Our aim is to be as open and representative as possible, so if you would like to get involved in any way, please do get in touch and spread the love.

Oxfam Music and Bloc, Glasgow, Sat 20 Apr.


A club and live event from TYCI, a Glasgow collective run for women by women.

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