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  • 4 October 2007
Raymond Mearns


Raymond Mearns You may have seen the big man in Ken Loach’s It’s a Free World recently, but don’t hold that against him. Here he’s back to what he does best; shooting the breeze in front of his adoring public. Jongleurs, Edinburgh, Thu 4–Sat 6 Oct; the Stand, Glasgow, Thu 11–Sat 13 Oct.

Heresy Glasgow The comedy night that delivers filth and degradation by the coffin-load moves west. This inaugural gig has Teddy and Billy Kirkwood among those doing their worst. Almost literally. O’Henry’s, Glasgow, Fri 5 Oct.

Russian Revolution 90th Anniversary! Not a night of Russian comedy, mind, merely a chance to say hats off to 90 years of freedom from those pesky Tsars. And why not? Vlad McTavish and Mr Mearns are up there as is Trevor Griffiths, the British playwright who penned Reds and, even more pertinently, Comedians. Na zdarovye. The Stand, Edinburgh, Tue 9 Oct.

Nick Doody The man who shoots down hypocrisy at every turn is back to entertain us. The Stand, Glasgow, Thu 11–Sun 14 Oct.

Attila the Stockbroker The legendary punk poet drops by on his world tour with a night of verse, song and a message or 12 for the disaffected. Bannerman’s, Edinburgh, Thu 11 Oct.

Paul Sinha One of the true rising stars of this comedy game consolidates his elegant second Fringe run with a trip back north to amuse the capital’s clown-lovers. The Stand, Edinburgh, Thu 18 Oct.

Attila the Stockbroker

A unique brand of performance poetry, punk, rants, verses and song from Attila.

Russian Revolution 90th Anniversary!

Only at The Stand, eh? Enjoy an evening of entertainment from Trevor Griffiths (author of 'Reds' and various other terribly clever things) along with comedy from Vladimir McTavish and Raymond Mearns.

The Thursday Show

Mr Joe Heenan is your esteemed MC for the evening, with a bunch of terribly funny chaps: Paul Sinha, Teddy and Matt Hollins. It'll all be rather jolly we imagine.

The Stand

Raymond Mearns, the self-confessed arsehole, comperes this weekend in Glasgow. Performing like talented dancing animals are John Bishop, Nick Doody, with Mark Nelson on Saturday night, who's no longer Scottish Comedian of the Year. Still funny though.

Michael Redmond's Sunday Service

Mr Redmond is joined by Nick Doody and Del Strain to experience the magical, almost guilty experience, of comedy on a Sunday. What would the nuns say, eh?

The Thursday Show

Sneak a peek at the weekend's line-up (MC Raymond Mearns, John Bishop, Nick Doody and Mark Nelson) while it' a wee bit cheaper and cheekier.

Jongleurs Comedy Club

Whoop up a rallying cry to the Powers of Comedy and see what Raymond Mearns, Noel Britten and Mark Walker can do to cheer you up. There's food and dancing too, like a weird fiesta with more Ben Sherman.

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