Top 5: Lesbian fiction

Top 5: Lesbian fiction

For some rewarding lady-love books, try these lesbian classics

In Suzanne Rindell's novel The Other Typist, old-fashioned Rose falls into a dangerous obsession with the glamorous Odalie. For some happier lady-love endings, try these lesbian classics:

Valencia - Michelle Tea
A true(ish) account of a year spent among the women of San Francisco’s Mission District: radical Marta, tormented poet Willa, beautiful but dramatic Iris, and Iris's ex, the fantastically-named Magdalena Squalor. The most badass, punk-rock queer book ever written.

Tipping the Velvet - Sarah Waters
Orphaned pickpocket Sue sets out to scam the rich and trusting Maude – but matters get complicated when they fall in love. You can’t beat a good bit of melodrama, particularly when the baddies get their comeuppance and Maude and Sue have a nice snog.

Annie on My Mind -- Nancy Garden
A sweet, safe story of two high school girls who fall in love. A minister in Kansas publicly burned this 1980s teen novel on its publication – give it a read just to spite him.

The Price of Salt - Patricia Highsmith
While working in a toyshop, naïve Therese develops a crush on elegant older woman Carol – but Carol is going through a messy divorce, and could lose custody of her daughter if the courts find out about her relationship with Therese. Not a blissfully happy ending, but pretty progressive for the time.

Best Lesbian Erotica - Various
This anthology series has been running for 18 years (and counting), and every single year the stories are more daring, beautiful, and -- of course -- downright smutty than before.

The Other Typist is published by Amy Einhorn Books on Tue 7 May.