Marcus Intalex launches new house and techno identity Trevino

Marcus Intalex launches new house and techno identity Trevino

Underground house and techno from DJ and producer known for drum & bass

‘It’s underground house and techno,’ explains Trevino, a new alias for a name that will be more familiar to most clubbers as drum & bass don Marcus Intalex. This isn’t a new secret identity with Intalex trying to keep his involvement confidential; he’d rather keep the divisions clear in everyone’s mind. ‘I’ve been a drum & bass DJ for about 20 years, so this is obviously a change of direction musically for me. I didn’t want to be stood behind the decks at a house and techno gig and have people come up to me and ask for drum & bass, it was that simple.’

Intalex isn’t a complete novice in the world of house, as he started out DJing Chicago sounds and Detroit techno after a game-changing night in Manchester. ‘I went to see New Order in ‘87 at the Hacienda,’ he explains. ‘The gig was alright, nothing special, but what happened after the gig was. The band went off the stage and this fucking music came out of the speakers: I couldn’t even see the DJ; the music was mad futuristic and that one experience pretty much changed my life.’

With dance music fracturing during the 90s, he went on to champion the drum & bass sound for two decades. This new venture has revitalised him as a DJ and producer. ‘It’s a new challenge, a different buzz and probably something that I’ve craved for a long time,’ says Intalex. ‘Funnily enough, I’m enjoying doing drum & bass more, because there’s less pressure on it now.’

He feels like a young DJ out to earn his stripes once again. ‘I’m visiting a lot of cities I’ve already visited, but as a completely different entity. I wouldn’t say that I’m naïve, I know what a good tune is, but I’m just not 100% as confident as I am with drum & bass, so it’s almost like learning the trade again. I’m coming from a fresh angle, because I don’t necessarily know what’s popular, I’m just picking tunes I like and playing them. And what better way is there to DJ than that?’

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