Crate Digging - Truss/MPIA3

Crate Digging - Truss/MPIA3

DJ and producer shares some of his favourite tracks ahead of set at techno night Unseen’s first birthday

Truss (also known by his ‘aggressive brutal electronic’ alter ego MPIA3) shares some of his favourite tracks ahead of his guest set at techno night Unseen’s first birthday

My first pick is DJ Richard ‘Leech2 (White Material). I was chatting to Bill Kouligas, of Pan Records: he said I should check out this record. I did and it’s a banger. I’m always looking for records that sound different to what everyone else is doing, not necessarily particularly innovative but ones that stands out to me anyway. It’s on a Chicagoy tip, dark house music, quite rough and ready.

The second one is Vereker ‘Rosite’ (LIES) this is a track my brother recommended to me when we were in Amsterdam, we went to Rush Hour Records and it was right up my street. Acidy, again quite rough and ready, it’s got that one take vibe to the production that I really like.

Boris Noiz ‘Omniforma’ (Yellow Machines) who I think is from Serbia, he cropped up on my radar about six months ago. The whole EP is excellent, it’s one of the best things I’ve bought in the last year. It’s quite hard hitting electro. I’ve always been kind of checking out the scene but this one really opened my eyes to the another side of electro that I wasn’t quite aware of. It’s very functional but very well done.

The fourth one is Seldom Seen ‘Finger Snaps and Turn’ (Frustrated Funk) [B-side to ‘Radio Slide’] it’s actually quite a disco inflected house track but very funky. At the right time it can really break up a set, I like playing lots of dark music but I do like to drop in the odd funky or camp track from time to time to shake it up a bit.

Finally Juanpablo ‘Anaconda (Mick Wills Remix feat Isabella Venis & Intergalactic Gary)’ (Frigio Records) [from the Lost Series (Part 1) EP] this is quite an Italo-esque track. It’s an area I’m really interested in, it’s melodic techno but again it’s got that campness that I like that I think when dropped at the right time can work wonders. It can also completely bomb [laughs] but I like taking those chances.

Truss guests at Unseen, Studio 24, Edinburgh, Fri 3 May.

Dj Richard | Leech2 [White Material 2012]

Vereker - Rosite [LIES019]

(Mick Wills rmx ft Isabella Venis & Intergalactic Gary) - Anaconda - FRIGIO RECORDS - frv008


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