Emmerdale Charity 'shocked' by child revelation

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  • 17 April 2013
Emma Atkins

Emma Atkins

Emmerdale's Charity Sharma is left "shell-shocked" when she learns her husband Jai is the father of Rachel's baby son Archie

Emmerdale's Charity Sharma is left "shell-shocked" when she learns her husband has secretly fathered a child.

The tough blonde (Emma Atkins) has had her suspicions about Jai Sharma's recent behaviour and has her worst fears confirmed when she finds him with baby Archie, the boy he secretly had with former cleaner Rachel Breckle (Gemma Oaten) following a one-night stand.

Emma said: "The penny immediately drops when Charity sees Rachel thrust the baby into Jai's grasp - and the realisation takes her breath away.

"She's been wondering about Jai's strange behaviour for months now, yet all the while he's been professing his undying love. Charity's already picked up on an atmosphere whenever Rachel is around and has been determined to get to the bottom of it - but she's shell-shocked when she does.

"It's the most horrendous way to find out Jai's the child's father. She's absolutely frozen to the spot and simply doesn't know how to react. She can hardly believe it."

Once she is over the shock, Emma expects Charity - who previously slept with her spouse's former best friend Declan - will want revenge on Jai (Chris Bisson).

She added to Inside Soap magazine: "She could perhaps plan her vengeance very carefully, and take her time over it.

"In many ways, Charity has been just as bad by sleeping with Declan - but they haven't had a child and hidden it from the village - and she also confessed everything to Jai because she couldn't live a lie.

"The secrecy is more of a betrayal than the infidelity itself and it makes a mockery of Jai and Charity's marriage."

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