Theatremaker Amanda Monfrooe on the award-winning Poke and Wuthering Heights double bill

Theatremaker Amanda Monfrooe on the award-winning Poke and Wuthering Heights double bill

The Platform 18 double bill partners Poke with the all-male Wuthering Heights, by Peter McMaster

With its prize of a fully-funded production at the Arches and the Traverse, the Arches Platform 18 Award is one of Scottish theatre’s most coveted accolades. Former recipients include Nic Green and Cora Bissett, and 2012 winners Amanda Monfrooe and Peter McMaster take to the stage this spring.

Monfrooe’s play, Poke, is a darkly comic, devised work that pushes the boundaries of puppetry. ‘It’s an allegorical story about two goddesses who battle it out over control and domination not just over each other but of the planet,’ she says, ‘Intercut with this are scenes of two recognisable women having conversations about politics, their identities, their bodies and their relationships with men. Those stories will always have a relationship to the bigger allegorical structure.’

McMaster’s piece, on the other hand, is an all-male adaptation of Wuthering Heights and this twin focus on gender makes the Platform 18 winners a great pairing. Monfrooe says: ‘Peter’s is a really nuanced, thoughtful piece. He’s making this gentle piece about masculinity and I really admire that. I’m making a balls-out, feminist critique of environmental destruction and our relationships with our bodies in an unflinching way. They’re going to make a fantastic pair.’

Arches, Glasgow, Tue 23–Sat 27 Apr; Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, Wed 1–Fri 3 May.


Two women battle each other amid a collapsing world. Amanda Monfrooe's darkly humorous, allegorical performance project explores the destruction of the planet.

Wuthering Heights

Love and torment on a heath in a stage adaptation of Emily Brontë's classic Eng lit text. Created by Peter McMaster in collaboration with Murray Wason, Chris Hall, Nick Anderson and Thom Scullion, this work explores the experiences of being a man in today's world. Ages 18+.